The design margin against collapse for Division 3 is based on Nadal’s equation. For high strength material this method is adequate. However for material with a lower ratio of Sy/Su this method has additional margin from yielding through the thickness to final collapse or burst. The experimental burst test results for closed-end cylinder show the excessive margin for these materials as stated in former paper. Therefore the development of alternate methods for establishing design margin for all materials is desirable. The design margin of 1.5 in equation for open-end cylindrical shell and spherical shell in current code is different from that of 1.732 for closed-end cylindrical shell. The design margin of elastic-plastic analysis is 1.732. Therefore the consistent design margins of equations and elastic-plastic analysis for open-end cylindrical shells and spherical shells are also desirable. In this paper new equations for design pressure of cylindrical shell and spherical shell are proposed by investigation of burst test results and case studies of various methods.

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