This paper describes a test program that was developed to measure the dynamic response of a bundle of steam generator U-tubes with Anti-Vibration Bar (AVB) supports, subjected to Freon two-phase cross-flow. The tube bundle has similar geometrical conditions to those expected for future CANDU™ steam generators. Future steam generators will be larger than previous CANDU steam generators, nearly twice the heat transfer area, with significant changes in process conditions in the U-bend region, such as increased steam quality and a broader range of flow velocities. This test program is one of the initiatives that AECL is undertaking to demonstrate that the tube support design for future CANDU steam generators meets the stringent requirements associated with a 60 year lifetime. The main objective of the tests is to address the issue of in- and out-of-plane fluidelastic instability and random turbulent excitation of a U-tube bundle with AVB supports. Details of the test rig, measurement techniques and preliminary instrumentation results are described in the paper.

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