A method to test the sealing performance of gaskets at elevated-temperatures, HPIS Z105, will be published soon in Japan. This paper discusses the gasket testing procedure to obtain the sealing behavior of gasket at elevated-temperatures. This testing procedure extends the room-temperature gasket testing procedure HPIS Z104 to the elevated-temperatures. The purpose of this testing procedure is to evaluate the effect of a moderate exposure at the elevated-temperature on the sealing performance of the non-asbestos gasket. This testing procedure consists of 4 parts; pre-exposure room-temperature tightness test, aging exposure of gasket at elevated-temperature, stress cycling disturbances, and post-exposure room-temperature tightness test. In order to demonstrate the validity of the testing procedure, measurements of leak rates of several types of sheet gaskets and spiral wound gaskets are carried out. It has shown that the sealing behavior can be well characterized using the proposed testing procedure.

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