We present a meshless methodology for large scale computations of fractureing thin shell structures subjected to internal pressure loads. The contribution is the first step of an efficient numerical methodology for such kind of events. In this paper, numerical simulations of large deformation dynamic fracture in thin shell structures using 3-D meshfree methods is presented. Due to the smoothness of the meshfree shape functions, they are well suited to simulate large deformation of thin shell structures while avoiding ill-conditioning as well as stiffening in numerical computations. The 3D meshfree representation allows high flexibility since thin structures as well as thick structures can be studied by the same methodology. The meshfree approach makes the methodology more flexible and independent as compared to finite elements, i.e. there is no need for creation of mesh. Dynamic fracture is modeled by a simple criterion, i.e. removing connectivity between adjacent nodes once a fracture criterion is met. The main advantage of such a 3-D meshfree continuum approach is its simplicity in both formulation and implementation as compared to shell theory approach, or degenerated continuum approach. Moreover, it is believed that the accuracy of the computation may increase because of using 3-D exact formulation.

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