The design and construction rules for mechanical components of LWR nuclear islands (RCC-M) constantly evolve to reflect the needs of the industry with the objective to fulfill the regulatory demands. Each year, an addendum is thus prepared by Afcen. The December 2008 addendum includes in particular new grades for products procurement, evolutions on destructive and non destructive examination provisions, consideration of new editions of standards, improvements of text for an easier application. For a better consistency with regulatory demands, technical code requirements have been updated (pressure test, overpressure protection, examination requirements or material properties), and in certain cases, provisions have been shifted in non-mandatory appendices established for various regulatory contexts for a better adaptation to applications abroad. In parallel, the conditions for consistency with the European Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) and the French Nuclear Pressure Equipment regulation (ESPN Order dated December 12, 2005) have been deepened and a comparison work was done in the context of the MDEP (Multinational Design Evaluation Procedure initiative of OECD) with equivalent ASME code provisions. The paper will present the content of the 2008 addendum of RCC-M, and the present status of these two studies on regulatory conformance and international comparisons, as well as some orientations for further evolutions.

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