Fracture behavior of Ni-base weld metals used for boiling water reactor (BWR) was investigated. The elastic-plastic fracture toughness (JIc) tests were conducted for Alloys 182 and 82 in room temperature (R.T.) and 300°C air using 2TCT specimen. It was found that the ductile crack growth resistance of Alloy 82 is higher than that of Alloy 182, and also the ductile crack growth resistances at 300°C are higher than those at R.T. for both Alloys 182 and 82. The fracture loads of CT specimen were predicted using existing limit load equations. The estimated limit load Pc using flow stress which is defined as the average of 0.2% proof stress and tensile strength coincided well with the experimental maximum load Pmax. It was confirmed that the conservative limit load estimation is possible when using 2.7Sm as the effective yield stress in the limit load equation.

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