Fully plastic failure stress for a single circumferential flaw on a pipe is evaluated by the limit load criteria in accordance with Appendix E-8 in the JSME S NA-1-2004 and Appendix C in the ASME Code Section XI. However, multiple flaws such as stress corrosion cracking are frequently detected in the same circumferential cross section in a pipe. Hasegawa had proposed failure stress for pipes with two and three circumferential flaws based on net-stress approach. Authors performed four-point bending tests on stainless steel pipes with two symmetrical circumferential flaws in a past study. It was concluded that the experimental results were in good agreement with the theoretical results. In this study, we performed quasi-static four-point bending tests on stainless steel pipes with three symmetrical circumferential flaws. Each experiment resulted in different fracture behavior. We compared the experimental results with the proposed theoretical method.

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