In order to prevent a building near a fault from earthquake damage, in this study an advanced base isolation system called the multiple direction optimized-friction pendulum system (Multiple DO-FPS or MDO-FPS) is proposed and examined to address its mechanical behavior through the finite element formulation and evaluate its efficiency in seismic mitigation through a series of shaking table tests. On the basis of the finite element formulation, it is revealed that the natural period, the capacity of the bearing displacement and damping effect for the Multiple Direction Optimized-Friction Pendulum System (Multiple DO-FPS) change continually during earthquakes. Therefore, the MDO-FPS isolator can avoid possibility of resonance of enriched frequencies from ground motions and provide an efficient capacity of the bearing displacement and damping during the earthquakes. Simultaneously, the shaking table test results also illustrate that the Multiple DO-FPS isolator possesses an outstanding seismic mitigation capabilities.

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