The USNRC staff provided guidelines in NUREG-0612 for the control of heavy loads to meet the requirements of the Code of Federal Regulations (10 CFR) Sections 50.59 and 50.71(e) relate to the safe handling of heavy loads and load drop analyses to assure fuel assembly integrity and to permit continued decay heat removal in nuclear power plants. The USNRC staff considered plants that had installed single-failure-proof cranes or had completed load drop analyses conforming with the guidelines of Appendix A to NUREG-0612 would remain in conformance with the safe handling guidelines for lifting reactor head during the plant refueling operation. Reactor head drop analyses have been performed recently for a number of US nuclear power plants and have been reviewed by the USNRC staff for complying with the guidelines of Appendix A to NUREG-0612. This paper provides an overview of the methodology, parameters, analysis results and acceptance criteria used in these recent works.

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