The French utility has organized the aging degradation assessment for nuclear plants in operation in maximum safety rules. Also the utility decided to engaged large program of expertises, for each degradations identified, based on research and development activities and prediction criteria program of Nuclear Plants in function of several actions: expertises, data bases on characteristics, etc. This paper shows the expertise results and thermal aging for cast duplex stainless steel studies on reactor coolant circuit components engaged to evaluate and to monitor the toughness evaluation and increasing factor. Also this paper presents the strategy associated. This paper shows the applications were evolved for 3-loop PWR plants. The monitoring was mainly oriented on evaluation of the ratio computation and measurement. This integrity assessment and expertises results values available periodically were performed considering: • the life evaluation of the plants and alternative maintenance actions, • the large database from cast reactor coolant component assessed after removed from nuclear power plants, • the identification of degradation for different components and prediction criteria proposed. The results obtained are updated in the periodic maintenance program and in volume of expertise database for life management.

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