A new type of dry storage system has been developed in Korea. The dry storage cask under development consists of a cask body, a canister, and an in-canister structure. The in-canister structure is a complicated structure with many baskets and spacer disks. The spacer disks are originally designed to dissipate the heat from the baskets but they also influence the structural behavior. To evaluate a spacer disks’ influence on the overall structure behavior, especially on the characteristics when it is under a drop test, analyses and tests were conducted. Based on the analysis result, the sensor location and type is determined. Test result is utilized to validate the analysis result. After the drop tests, some strain gauges were detached from the original positions since the relative displacement between a basket and a disk removed the cable from the sensor. Thus, careful attention has to be paid when installing the sensors and cabling inside the in-canister structure. By means of these analyses and tests, the availability of the sensor and cabling arrangement is evaluated and a test procedure is established.

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