The E.ON UK ARCMAC gauge has been developed to provide for point-to-point biaxial creep strain measurements. Research is continuing to provide for strain field mapping about the ARCMAC point-to-point monitoring system. The aim is to have comprehensive monitoring of creep strain in high temperature steam pipes including bends, joints, welds and other pipe structural features. A requirement is that all creep strain measurements made satisfy the standards of the UK National Physical Laboratory that maintain liaison with the standards authorities in other countries. Creep strain and other monitoring equipment for power-station steam pipes need to be rugged and suitable for the many different locations in which they are to be installed. Appropriate equipment is also required for capturing data at different times from the installed gauges. The use of strain mapping is particularly required when monitoring non uniform sections of pipes. Results to be presented will show the current state-of-art measurement techniques now available.

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