In this study, the determination of the burst pressure of a series of cylinder-cylinder intersections representing vessels of diameter D and wall thickness T, and nozzles of diameter d and wall thickness t subjected to short-term dynamic loading is investigated. Dynamic simulations via the use of the finite element method are carried out to determine the effects of dimensionless parameters d/D, D/T and t/T as well as pressure vs. time history. The LS-DYNA software is employed to model and analyze various intersections for the geometric parameter ranges 0.1 ≤ d/D < 1.0, 0.1 ≤ t/T ≤ 3 and 50 ≤ D/T ≤ 250. The use of both solid and shell elements is investigated and applied in this study. A correlation equation to predict the dynamic burst pressure of cylinder-cylinder intersections is proposed based on the parametric finite element analyses. Static test data is used to verify the dynamic correlation equation by applying a relatively long pressure pulse duration.

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