During the last two decades, thermal stratification has been issued as a critical problem in the nuclear power industry. Since the problem caused by this phenomenon also became important in Korea, it is necessary to quantify the thermal stratification effect to ensure the safety of the piping system. In this paper, detailed stress analyses of the surge line, considering the thermal stratification, are conducted. Parametric sensitivity analyses to find out an optimum model were carried out using pipe element models and full 3-D element models. For instance, in case of the pipe element model, the effect of starting location of thermal stratification and boundary condition were investigated. And, in case of the 3-D solid element model, the effect of boundary condition and thermal loading condition were assessed. The stress analysis results showed that the thermal stratification phenomenon significantly affected the integrity of the surge line piping. Also, establishment of insurge and outsurge conditions was derived as one of the further investigations.

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