An ASME III design code assessment of the fuelling machine cooling system pipework at a gas cooled nuclear power station has been carried out via the design analysis route of ASME III, Division 1, Section NB-3600 to support an update of its safety case. The objective of the work is to demonstrate that all components assessed are in compliance with the ASME III design code. More than 100 welds and components comprising plain pipe sections, elbows, tees and reducers have been selected and assessed against ASME III Service Levels A and D Stress Limits for a number of load cases. The loadings for the components assessed are internal pressures and piping system forces and moments obtained from the piping flexibility analyses. For all components assessed, the ASME III Service Level A requirements are met. For ASME III Level D assessments, the rules contained in ASME III NB-3656 and Appendix F are used. It is shown that the ASME III Level D requirements are also met. This paper details the assessment procedures on the selected components and also presents the assessment results.

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