The fourth edition of the RCC-MR code has been issued in French and English versions on October 2007 by AFCEN (Association Franc¸aise pour les re`gles de Conception et de Construction des Mate´riels des Chaudie`res Electro-nucle´aires). It is the result of an important work by Areva NP and CEA to develop and improve design and construction rules of the previous edition. The objective of this paper is to emphasize the progress achieved from the last version dated 2002 such as: • Enlargement of the scope of the code to be applicable not only to high temperature structures but also to the ITER vacuum vessel. • Adaptation of the code to the European standardization, making use of the Harmonized European Standards. • Improvement of the creep-fatigue rules for shells and pipes. • Development of the “class 2 box” structures directly applicable to the ITER vacuum vessel. • Introduction of a specific appendix dealing with specific fabrication requirements of the ITER vacuum vessel. • Extension of the scope of subsections devoted to bolts. • Development of the chapter on laser welding. • Introduction of requirements in line with the new European Pressure Equipment decree and its French declination to nuclear equipment (ESPN) which is mandatory for a French site construction.

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