NUREG-1801 provides generic aging lessons learned to manage aging effects that may occur during continued operation beyond the design life of nuclear power plant. According to this report, the metal fatigue, among several age-related degradation mechanisms, is identified as one of time-limited aging analysis item. The objective of this paper is to introduce fatigue life evaluation of representative surge line and residual heat removal system piping which was designed by implicit fatigue concept. For the back-fitting evaluation employing explicit fatigue concept, detailed parametric CFD as well as FE analyses results are used. The well-known ASME Section III NB-3600 procedure is adopted for the metal fatigue and NUREG/CR-5704 procedure is further investigated to deal with additional environmental water effects. With regard to the environmental effect evaluation, two types of fatigue life correction factors are considered, such as maximum Fen and individual Fen. As a result, it was proven that a thermal stratification phenomenon is the governing factor in metal fatigue life of the surge line and strain rate is the most important parameter affecting the environmental fatigue life of both piping. The evaluation results will be used as technical bases for continued operation of OPR 1000 plant.

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