9Cr steel weldments are concerned with evaluation of creep life time and creep rupture mechanism. In fine grain HAZ (FG-HAZ) of weldments, TYPE IV cracking and creep voids occurred at lower stress than rupture stress level of base metal. In the crept specimen, FG-HAZ sometime has large coarsening grains near creep voids. These recovery phenomena are localized in FG-HAZ, and recovered microstructures are dependent on heat input of welding. In this study, creep tests are examined in two types of weldments, and relations between creep life time and coarsened sub-grains or grains have been studied by microstructural changing with EBSP analysis. In crept specimens, boundaries are moved and boundary density is decreasing in the fine-grained HAZ. Maximum grain size and creep life time have linear function, and EBSP can evaluate creep life time of 9Cr weldments. These microstructural changing are considered by morphology of precipitates in the several crept specimens.

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