Improvement of boiler efficiency is reached by increasing the pressure and temperature of newly designed boilers. Recently developed steel grades such as T/P91 and T/P92 are used in the advanced power plants thanks to their high creep rupture strength resistance which enables maintaining acceptable thickness of the tubes and pipes. Nevertheless their operating temperature range is limited by their oxidation behavior which is lower than classical 12%Cr steels or austenitic steels. For these reasons we have developed a new steel grade which combines good creep resistance and high steam-side oxidation behavior. This new steel, based on chromium content of 12% and with other elements such as cobalt, tungsten and boron, is named VM12. Manufacturing of this grade has been proved by production of several laboratory and industrial heats and rolling of tubes and pipes in several dimensions by different rolling processes. In addition to base metal property investigations — including creep tests and high temperature oxidation behavior — welding, cold bending and hot induction bending qualifications took place. This paper summarizes the results of the investigations and presents the first findings for processing.

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