This paper describes a finite element analysis to predict the JNES/NUPEC cyclic and shaking table RC shear wall test data, as part of a collaborative agreement between the U.S. NRC and JNES to study seismic issues important to the safe operation of commercial nuclear power plant (NPP) structures, systems and components (SSC). The analyses described in this paper were performed using ANACAP reinforced concrete models. The paper describes the ANACAP analysis models and discusses the analysis comparisons with the test data. The ANACAP capability for modeling nonlinear cyclic characteristics of reinforced concrete shear wall structures was confirmed by the close comparisons between the ANACAP analysis results and the JNES/NUPEC cyclic test data. Reasonable agreement between the analysis results and the test data was demonstrated for the hysteresis loops and the shear force orbits, in terms of both the overall shape and the cycle-to-cycle comparisons. The ANACAP simulation analysis of the JNES/NUPEC shaking table test was also performed, which demonstrated that the ANACAP dynamic analysis with concrete material model is able to capture the progressive degrading behavior of the shear wall as indicated from the test data. The ANACAP analysis also predicted the incipient failure of the shear wall, reasonably close to the actual failure declared for the test specimen. In summary, the analyses of the JNES/NUPEC cyclic and shaking table RC shear wall tests presented in this paper have demonstrated the state-of-the-art analysis capability for determining the seismic capacity of RC shear wall structures.

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