In the pipe line installed in the nuclear power plant, there are many reports of damage caused by fatigue as a result of machine vibration of a pump etc. Vibrational stress evaluation by the method using the strain-gauge method or the accelerometer as one of the preventive measures of these oscillating troubles etc. is performed. However, since many special skill and working hours are required for these methods, the development of vibration measurement and stress evaluation technology which operates quickly and easily at the spot is desired. The purpose of this research is the development of a technique and equipment which measures vibrational stress immediately using a laser displacement sensor. In the measurement technique proposed, displacement by the bending vibration of piping which vibrates using three sets of laser displacement sensors is measured, and vibrational stress is obtained by calculating the strain produced from those displacement differences for piping. This measuring instrument is a non-contact system, and a miniaturization and short-time measurement of equipment are easy. This paper deals with the concept of the vibrational stress measurement technique, the theory of the measuring method, and the procedure, the authors propose, using three sets of the laser displacement sensors. Furthermore, using a cantilever model, vibration experiments are conducted, displacements and strain are measured. Next, comparison with the stress by using the displacement measured by the experiment based on this technique and the stress from the strain measured by the experiment is performed. The application possibility of the technique is described.

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