Reduction of seismic response of mechanical system is important problem for aseismic design. Some types of base isolation systems are developed and used in actual base of buildings and floors in buildings for reduction of seismic response of mechanincal system. In this paper, a base isolation system utilizing bearing with friction and restoring force of bearing is proposed. Friction bearing consists of two plates having spherical concaves and oval type metal or spherical metal with rubber. First, effectiveness of the base isolation system is examined experimentally. Using artificial time histories, the isolated table is shaken on the shaking table. The maximum value of response is reduced and sum of squares of response is significantly reduced. Power spectrum is significantly reduced in almost of all frequency regions, except for very low frequency region. Next, in order to examine reduction of seismic response of actual mechanical system, a console rack is set on the isolated plate. Seismic response is also significantly reduced. Finally, obtained results of experiment are examined by simulation method. An analytical model considering friction and restoring force is used. From simulation method, effectiveness of the proposed base isolation system is demonstrated.

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