The long-term corrosion test facility (LTCTF) at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) consisted of 22 vessels that housed more than 7,000 corrosion test specimens from carbon steels to highly corrosion resistant materials such Alloy 22 and Ti Grade 7. The specimens from LTCTF range from standard weight-loss coupons to U-bend specimens for testing susceptibility to environmentally assisted cracking. Each vessel contained approximately 1000 liters of concentrated brines at 60°C or 90°C. The LTCTF started its operations in late 1996. Thousands of specimens were removed from the LTCTF in August-September 2006. The specimens are being catalogued and stored for future characterization. Previously removed specimens (e.g. 1 and 5 years) are also archived for further studies.

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