It is planned to use the highly corrosion resistant titanium grade 7 (Ti Gr 7) and a high strength titanium alloy (Ti Gr 29) to fabricate the drip shield for the Yucca Mountain repository. Ti Gr 7 contains 0.15% Palladium (Pd) to increase its corrosion performance, mainly under reducing conditions. It was important to determine the corrosion behavior of Ti Gr 7 in concentrated brines at temperatures higher than 100°C, which may represent the behavior of dust deliquescence solutions. Tests were performed in concentrated NaCl + KCl solutions containing also nitrates and fluorides. Results show that Ti Gr 7 was highly resistant to general and localized corrosion. Some specimens were polarized to potentials higher than 4 volts. None of the tightly creviced specimens suffered crevice corrosion. The presence of fluoride promoted localized corrosion around the edges of the crevice former.

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