To investigate the mechanism and the usage of the information of pulse wave propagation and reflection in human arteries are the objects of this study. In this study, an experimental apparatus simulating human circulatory system by using silicon tubes to examine the pulse wave propagation and reflection with and without branches has been developed. We examined the effect of eight parameters, such as flow rate, tube diameter, tube thickness etc., affecting waveform, PWV (Pulse Wave Velocity) and PV loop (Pressure-Velocity Loop). Numerical analyses were also carried out, and the relation between PV Loop and local impedance was discussed. Finally, the effect of eight parameters on the PWV and PV loop were clarified. It was also found that, the PV Loop includes much information on the tube characteristics, impedance, boundary condition, tube connection and reflection condition. Therefore, the PV loop method might be promising to be used in health diagnosis systems. In addition, we found that the effects of bifurcation angle on wave propagation and reflection were so little that they can be neglected in wave calculation models.

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