A system-integrated modular advanced reactor is being developed for multi purposes such as electricity production, sea water desalination and so on in Korea. While ASME Codes provide simplified design and operation procedures to determine allowable loadings for pressure retaining materials in components, the procedures are applicable when a temperature change rate associated with startup and shutdown is less than about 56°C/hr. If the procedures are applied to a rapid temperature change, results would be overly conservative. The objective of this research is to assess an applicability of the simplified design procedures to reactor coolant system of the integrated modular reactor with the change rates of 56°C/hr and 100°C/hr. To investigate effects of cooldown rate, heatup rate and surface crack location, systematic three-dimensional finite element analyses are carried out. The resulting pressure-temperature limit curves are compared with those obtained from the ASME Sec. XI operating procedure as well as Sec. III design procedure. Thereby, it was proven that the specific design features significantly affect the safe design region in the pressure-temperature limit curve to prevent a nonductile failure.

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