Fully plastic failure stress for a single circumferential flaw on a pipe is evaluated by the limit load criteria in accordance with Appendix E-8 in the JSME S NA-1-2004 and Appendix C in the ASME Code Section XI. However, multiple flaws such as stress corrosion cracking are frequently detected in the same circumferential cross section in a pipe. If the distance between adjacent flaws is short, the two flaws are combined as a single flaw in compliance with combination rules. If the two flaws separated by a large distance, it is not required to combine two flaws. However, there is no evaluation method for two flawed pipe in the JSME and ASME Codes. Failure stress for pipes with two circumferential flaws based on net-stress approach had been proposed by one of the authors. The present paper is concerned with the comparison of experimental data and the proposed theoretical method for pipes with circumferentially multiple flaws.

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