Draft Regulatory Guide DG-1144 “Guidelines for Evaluating Fatigue Analyses Incorporating the Life Reduction of Metal Components Due to the Effects of the Light-Water Reactor Environment for New Reactors”, July 2006 [1], and Associated Basis Draft Document NUREG/CR-6909 (ANL-06/08), “Effect of LWR Coolant Environments on the Fatigue Life of Reactor Materials”, July 2006 [6] provided methods for addressing environmentally assisted fatigue (EAF) in all new nuclear plant designs. In these documents, a new model was proposed that more accurately accounts for actual plant conditions. The new model includes an EAF correction factor, Fen, which is different from Fen methods previously and currently being considered for adoption into the ASME Code. The Fen methods proposed in DG-1144 are also different than the Fen methods utilized by license renewal applicants, as required by the Generic Aging Lessons Learned (GALL) report [2], as documented in NUREG/CR-5704 [4] (for stainless steel) and NUREG/CR-6583 [3] (for carbon and low alloy steels).

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