Aeroservoelasticity is a multidisciplinary study of three main disciplines: unsteady aerodynamics, aeroelasticity and servo-controls. Two classical methods are used in the literature to approximate the unsteady generalized forces from the frequency domain Q (k) to the Laplace domain Q(s) and these methods are: the Least Squares LS and the Minimum State MS. In the present paper, we present a new method, called Corrected Minimum State (CMS), based on the Standard MS approximation method. This new CMS method uses an analytical form of the error as function of Laplace variable similar to the analytical form of the aerodynamic forces calculated with the MS method. We applied this new method to an F/A-18 aircraft and we found that the CMS method brings improvements in the approximation results in comparison with the standard MS method. It is shown that use of the CMS method on an F/A-18 aircraft will give better results in terms of convergence speeds and precision than the MS method.

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