This study presents 3-D model gate vibration test results demonstrating violent spontaneous vibrations and validating the basic assumptions made in previously published theoretical analyses. First, the design of a 1/13-scaled 3-D model of Folsom dam Tainter-gate is presented, in which the streamwise natural bending vibration mode of the skinplate, measured in the field vibration tests on the remaining Folsom gate, is shown to be correctly replicated with the aid of FEM simulations. Secondly, in-air and in-water vibration test results with the 1/13-scaled 3-D model are presented, reproducing the intense coupled-mode self-excited vibrations. Thirdly, test results are plotted on a theoretically calculated stability criterion diagram to confirm the validity of the theoretical analysis. Finally, the intense dynamic instability of the Folsom gate, which could have caused its failure, is presented.

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