This paper proposes a design method of a multi degree of freedom passive tuned mass damper with robust performance. In this study, the passive tuned mass damper is designed from the view of feedback control theory. Design parameters of the general passive tuned mass damper can be thought to be a feedback gain, and designed by replacing the design problem of the passive tuned mass damper with the output feedback control problem. Moreover, for giving the tuned mass damper robustness, an extended model is constructed by two main systems that have maximum and minimum natural frequencies in the given variable domain of parameters, and one static output feedback H∞ controller reduces the maximum value of frequency response of the extended plant. In this paper, it was confirmed to be able to design the single-degree-of-freedom tuned mass damper with robustness by this method. Moreover, this method was enhanced to the design problem of the multi-degree-of-freedom tuned mass damper that was placed on the multi-degree-of-freedom vibration system, and finally a numerical simulation confirmed the effectiveness.

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