The good safety record of the transport of radioactive materials owes much to the establishment at an early stage of the principles which have been enshrined in the IAEA’s regulations and their supporting guidance material. These have been reviewed and updated periodically since their introduction in 1961. This paper outlines the principles governing the safe transport of radioactive material and their implementation through the regulatory regime. Beginning with a brief consideration of the scope and challenges of radioactive material transport, the paper outlines the basic principles of safety in transport, and the regulatory mechanism. The basis for packaging standards is described in relation to quantities, specific activities and release rates. The several types of package are discussed and the performance and testing requirements for each are summarised. Operational and administrative requirements are considered, including pre-shipment checks, contamination and radiation limits, and marking and labelling requirements. The paper includes a discussion of the requirements for emergency arrangements and a brief account of how these are fulfilled, and concludes with a description on the role of the competent authority in overseeing the regulatory process.

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