In order to review the allowable creep strength of high Cr ferritic steels, creep rupture data of base metal and welded joints have been collected and long-term creep strength have been analyzed in the SHC committee in Japan since 2004. In the present paper, the creep rupture data of 370 points for welded joint specimens of modified 9Cr-1Mo steel (ASME Grade 91) offered from seven Japanese companies and institutes were analyzed. These data clearly indicated that the creep strength of welded joints was lower than that of base metal due to Type IV fracture in HAZ at or above 600°C. From the activities of this committee, the master curve for life evaluation of welded joints of Gr.91 steel could be represented as follows:
The reduction factor of 100,000 hours creep rupture strength of welded joint to base metal was concluded to be 0.75 at 600°C and 0.70 at 650°C for the Gr.91 steel.
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