This paper presents an enriched meshless method based on an improved moving least-square approximation (IMLS) method for fracture analysis of cracks in homogeneous, isotropic, linear-elastic, two-dimensional bimaterial solids, subject to mixed-mode loading conditions. The method involves an element-free Galerkin formulation in conjunction with IMLS and a new enriched basis functions to capture the singularity field in linear-elastic bi-material fracture mechanics. In the IMLS method, the orthogonal function system with a weight function is used as the basis function. The IMLS has higher computational efficiency and precision than the MLS, and will not lead to an ill-conditioned system of equations. The proposed enriched basis function can be viewed as a generalized enriched basis function, which degenerates to a linear-elastic basis function when the bimaterial constant is zero. Numerical examples are presented to illustrate the computational efficiency and accuracy of the proposed method.

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