A new long-term research programme has been launched in the UK. This involves Rolls-Royce plc and Serco Assurance, supported by UK industry and academia. A significant part of this programme is aimed at progressing the understanding of weld residual stresses and the implementation of finite element simulation and residual stress measurement for assessing the structural integrity of engineering structures and components. The work includes: (1) Finite element modelling to investigate heat source representation, material behaviour and 3D v 2D effects. (2) Design and manufacture of mock-ups for supporting validation. (3) Residual stress measurement. (4) Weld design. (5) Residual stress profiles. (6) Material testing. (7) Development of a procedure for residual stress modelling. The work is being undertaken by a combination of finite element analyses and residual stress measurement using a variety of techniques. This paper presents an overview of the research work being undertaken and provides examples of the outcome of some of the studies obtained to-date.

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