The development of the market for large scale plants, driven by their greater economic return requires processing equipment with increasingly larger capacities. This includes the reciprocating compressors used in Low Density Polyethylene Plants. The design of the high pressure piping associated with hyper-compressors, particularly for reactors and intercoolers, requires careful analysis. Due to the lengthy delivery times for such components, decisions regarding the diameter of high pressure piping usually have to be made at an early stage. Because of the importance of pressure pulsations that occur during operation, an analysis has to be made based on preliminary information available. Such a simulation can be made using reasonable assumptions about the length of the piping involved, and the configuration of both the compressor and the cylinders. At this point, the piping diameter can be confirmed and later, when the plant arrangement has been finalized, a more detailed analysis can be performed which may result in minor adjustments to the piping design.

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