The unsteady flow through normal triangular tube arrays is simulated applying the Cloud-in-Element method. The scheme realizes time-stepping via a Langrangian vortex method using random-walk to model diffusion in the flow. The vortex particle velocities are computed on a fixed unstructured grid at each time step. Zero normal velocity on solid boundaries is enforced by a source panel method and zero slip is achieved by introducing vorticity into the flow at each time step. Simulations have been carried out for normal triangular tube arryas with pitch ratios of 1.32, 1.61, 2.08, 2.63 at Reynolds numbers of 1000, 3000, 5000 and 10000. Single vortex shedding frequencies have been observed for the smaller pitch ratios while two Strouhal numbers are obtained for the sparse arrays. This is consistent with experimental data in the literature. Also the overall flow structures were captured successfully.

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