In recent years, the use of cryogenic fluids as a coolant has been increasing because of the industrial development of low temperature technology. Therefore, the use of the cryogenic pressure vessel and piping become general. LNG-tank, LN2, O2-tank at food factory and medical facilities are given for example. The safety of these pressure containers becomes important all the more. Thermal insulation of these cryogenic vessel and piping is usually carried out by using evacuation. In the cryogenic pressure vessel and piping, reducing the thermal insulation of that by initial small damage, leads to an internal pressure rise and occurring of flashing, and causing secondary crush of pressure vessel and piping also. Then, we conducted experiments with shock loading of commercial tanks and numerical simulation of shock loaded the double wall that contain vacuum layer. When thinking about safety aspects, it is important to consider about the spread of the shock wave in the double wall containing the vacuum layer.

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