In order to consolidate metal powders, the present investigation uses a shock wave derived from the detonation of an explosive and it’s called a shock compaction method. In the present investigation, we employed an ultra-high pressure generation device in order to generate underwater shock wave. The underwater shock wave is derived from the detonation wave in a water container and after that underwater shock wave is converged in the central axis. Finally, the high pressure of underwater shock wave is uniformly impinged on the powders. In case of experimental data that is measured by manganin gauge, the peak pressure of underwater shock wave is 16.8GPa, the result of numerical analysis is 17.9GPa. Considering for the measurement error (1GPa), it seems to be good agreement between the result of numerical analysis and experiment. Nd-Fe-B magnetic material powders are tried to consolidate using the assembly under optional temperatures by heating system and the samples recovered under different conditions were examined in terms of magnetic properties.

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