Compact process equipment has found wide applications in various industries for purpose of process intensification. The further miniaturization of the process equipment has led to the development of micro chemomechanical systems for high tech applications. The equipment is generally composed of a number of prolate passages of multiple internal fin elements subjected to internal pressures. To ensure the reliability and durability of the structures at high temperature, their strength should be appropriately designed. However, the inelastic stress analysis of the structure is highly complicated and time-consuming by general finite element methods if multiple plate-fin elements or channel plates are involved. In the present paper, the support fins are simplified as an inelastic foundation. The small deformation thin plate bending theory is introduced to analyze the deflection and stress distribution in the pressurized rectangular passage. Analytical expressions are derived for a single-layer prolate passage with multiple support fins. A comparison of the analytical results with the FE simulation verifies the feasibility and accuracy of the method.

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