An analytical solution of the problem of a cylindrically anisotropic tube which contains a line dislocation is presented in this study. The state space formulation in conjunction with the eigenstrain theory is proved to be a feasible and systematic methodology to analyze a tube with the existence of dislocations. The state space formulation which expediently groups the displacements and the cylindrical surface traction can construct a governing differential matrix equation. By using Fourier series expansion and the well developed theory of matrix algebra, the asymmetrical solutions are not only explicit but also compact in form. The dislocation considered in this study is a kind of mixed dislocation which is the combination of edge dislocations and a screw dislocation and the dislocation line is parallel to the longitudinal axis of the tube. The degeneracy of the eigen relation and the technique to determine the inverse of a singular matrix are thoroughly discussed, so that the general solutions can be applied to the case of isotropic tubes, which is one of the novel features of this research. The results of isotropic problems, which are belong to the general solutions, are compared with the well-established expressions in the literature. The satisfied correspondences of these comparisons indicate the validness of this study. A cylindrically orthotropic tube is also investigated as an example and the numerical results for the displacements and tangential stress on the outer surface are displayed. The effects on surface stresses due to the existence of a dislocation appear to have a characteristic of localized phenomenon.

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