On the idea that fatigue damage is localized at the microscopic scale, a scale smaller than the mesoscopic one of the Representative Volume Element (RVE), a three-dimensional two scale damage model has been proposed in the past decade at LMT-Cachan for High Cycle Fatigue applications. It consists in the micromechanics analysis of a weak micro-inclusion subjected to plasticity and damage embedded in an elastic meso-element (the RVE of continuum mechanics). The consideration of plasticity coupled with damage equations at microscale, altogether with Eshelby-Kro¨ner localization law, allows to compute the value of microscopic damage up to failure for any kind of loading, 1D or 3D, cyclic or random, isothermal or anisothermal, mechanical, thermal or thermomechanical. A robust numerical scheme makes the computations fast and the new programming of a graphical user interface gives a software simple to use with facilities for material parameters identification: DAMAGE-2005. Examples of thermal and thermomechanical fatigue as well as applications on E.D.F. FATHER and INTHERPOL structures subjected to complex thermo-mechanical fatigue are detailed.

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