The B&W Owners Group submitted justification for resetting the initial RTNDT for the Linde 80 weld materials using ASME Code Case N-629/N-631 to the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission and received the NRC Safety Evaluation Report with some adjustments. Two major issues were encountered during the review and approval process: 1) The pressurized thermal shock experiment data from Oak Ridge National Laboratory with full-length axial (very long) cracks fall below the Code Case curve. This observation led to the question whether there are implicit crack size limitations in the code case, and 2) For the large populations of data examined, a larger portion of data falls below the Code Case N-629/N-631 curve than the ASME KIC curve, prompting a question whether the code case is functionally equivalent to the ASME KIC curve. This paper describes these major issues and how they were addressed.

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