In this paper, SIE ASME-NH (Structural Integrity Evaluation by ASME-NH) program, which has a computerized implementation of the details for ASME Pressure Vessels and Piping Code Section III Subsection NH rules including the time-dependent primary stress limits, total accumulated creep ratcheting strain limits, and the creep-fatigue limits for the reactor structures subjected to elevated temperature operations, are described with their detailed application procedures. Using this code, the selected high temperature structures which are subjected to two cycle types are evaluated and the sensitivity studies for the effects of the time step size, primary load, numbers of a cycle, normal temperature on the creep damage evaluations and the effects of the load history on the creep ratcheting strain calculations are investigated. From the selected applications, it is verified that the developed SIE ASME-NH Program is an easy user interface program and it can be an effective tool for the high temperature structural integrity evaluations of LMR.

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