The purpose of this paper is to determine whether the finite element method can be employed to accurately predict the burst pressure of a specific cylindrical shell subjected to internal pressure. Both static and dynamic analyses were carried out. The computer code ANSYS is employed to perform a static, nonlinear analysis (both geometry of deformation and material behavior) using three-dimensional 20 node structural solid elements. The “Newton-Raphson Method” (N-R method) and the “Arc-Length Method”, are both employed to solve the nonlinear equations. The finite element code LS-DYNA is used to generate a three-dimensional finite element model by use of eight-node brick elements for the dynamic analysis. Both explicit and implicit methods are used to simulate the dynamic response of cylinders. A comparison with various empirical equations shows that both static and dynamic finite element method simulations can be employed with sufficient accuracy to predict the burst pressure of a specific cylindrical shell.

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