Cylinder-nozzle intersections are widely used in pressure vessel and piping industries. In order to get better mixing and energy exchange of the reactants, pipe-nozzle intersection with hillside nozzle is applied more and more widely. The purpose of this work is to investigate the plastic limit load of cylinders with hillside nozzle subjected to internal pressure. Three full-scale test models with different angles of the hillside nozzle were designed and fabricated specially for the test using strain gagues. 3-D finite element numerical simulations on the experimental models were performed. Based on both results, a group of basic data on plastic limit pressure defined by double elastic-slope method for cylinders with hillside nozzle is approximately obtained according to load-strain responses, and the plastic limit pressures determined by test and finite element analysis are in good agreement. The results indicate that the limit pressure increases with the increment of the angle of the hillside nozzle, and compared with radial nozzles in cylinders, the hillside nozzles have higher limit pressure, which can be served as the basis for developing a design guideline for pressurized cylinders with various angles of hillside nozzle.

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