In this paper, the authors introduce a compound gasket approach to performing calculations on bolted flange joints with spiral wound gaskets. The spiral windings and the solid-metal centering ring are treated independently. Using the calculation methodologies of ASME Section VIII, Division 1, Appendix 2 and EN-1591-1, the authors calculated the assembly bolt stress for multiple bolted flange joint sizes over a range of classes. The calculations assumed that the flange sealed on the solid-metal centering ring as well as on the spiral windings. This bolt stress required to achieve this seal was added to the bolt stress required to compress the spiral windings fully to the centering ring. The resulting total bolt stresses are similar to the practical bolt stresses recommended by ASME PCC-1. Thus, using this new approach to the spiral wound gasket provides a better understanding of bolt stresses required to achieve an adequate bolted flange joint.

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