In this study a new computational algorithm to enforce incompressibility in free surface flow analysis using Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics (SPH) is presented. The method uses two steps. The first step is a fractional step for solving velocity field forward in time without incompressibility. Then the second step is computed to compensate the pressure Poisson equation using the mass constant equation in a particle field. This method is composed of the above two steps and is similar to SMAC (Simplified Marker and Cell) method commonly used in CFD. However in SPH simulation, the introduction of incompressibility of fluid is easily realized using the particle density concept and the boundary of free surface of fluid is also controlled conveniently by the concept. In this study the algorithm is applied to sloshing problems of vessels with fluid. The numerical results using this algorithm show good results in the behaviors of free surface flow and the pressure evaluations at the wall of the vessels.

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