It has been well known that the scatter in axial bolt forces of bolted flange connections tightened by torque control methods is substantial. In evaluating the sealing performance of a bolted flange connection with a gasket subjected to internal pressure, it is necessary to know the contact gasket stress distributions due to the scatter of the axial bolt forces in the flange connections tightened by torque control methods. This paper deals with the leakage of a bolted flange connection with a cover of pressure vessel including a spiral wound gasket tightened by a torque wrench. The scatter in the axial bolt forces was measured using strain gauges attached at the shank of bolts. The amount of leakage from the bolted flange connection with cover of pressure vessel was measured by so-called pressure decay method. The gas employed was Helium. From the measured leakage, the actual assembly efficiency is examined. The eight bolts and nuts were tightened according to the ASME PCC-1 method and Japanese method developed by High Pressure Institute (HPI). The difference in the bolt preload was shown between the ASME method and the HPI method. The contact gasket stress distributions at the interface of the flange connection with the gasket were calculated under the measured axial bolt forces by means of finite element analysis. Using the calculated gasket contact stress distribution, the amount of gas leakage was estimated. The estimated gas leakage was compared with the measured results.

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