The principal design problems of VVER-1500 reactor vessel and its cover are reviewed in this report. A wide range of preliminary studies carried out permitting to solve principal design and manufacturing problems of the vessel and rector cover within the framework of the draft design: • minimization of overall dimensions, • sustentation of principle possibility to provide tightness of the reactor main seal, • process work-out of the vessel, reactor cover and bottom with provision of manufacturing, • design of the reactor vessel support structures. The main attention is payed to the aspects of manufacturability of the reactor vessel and its cover in design dimensions with provision of required mechanical properties and their transportability to the constructing site. It’s required to carry out experimental work to prove manufacturing technology and to ensure mechanical properties of the following: • cover; • nozzle zone shells; • supporting shell; • bottom. To confirm construction efficiency during design life-time (60 years) the principal design approaches should be worked out on a test bench. Taking into account the complexity of the construction and restrictions of full-scale simulation, experimental confirmation of reactor vessel and cover on photoelastic epoxide resin models should be performed. Moreover, strength and life-time of threaded connection parts of the reactor main seal shall be confirmed on full-scale models.

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